Why use a IAC-Accredited
Vascular Lab with ARDMS-Certified staff?

The Vascular Lab at Lexington Surgeons and Vein Central has attained recognition for its commitment to providing a high level of patient care and quality testing for accurate diagnosis and treatment. The Vascular Lab has achieved accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) for carotid, abdominal, arterial, and venous testing. The experienced staff are also certified by The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) as Registered Vascular Technologists.

There are several advantages to using an accredited Vascular Laboratory with certified staff:

• Certification makes a critical difference in the quality of an ultrasound study. Knowing how to perform a study accurately takes years of training and experience. Knowing how to read the images created with ultrasound waves correctly requires knowledge and skill. In all cases, the ARDMS® (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) certification provides assurance that a sonographer has obtained the full range of knowledge and skill competencies needed for maintaining the highest standards in ultrasound practice.

• In addition to meeting specific education and experience requirements, sonographers must pass two ARDMS® examinations for each registry or specialty -- one covering the basic principles and instrumentation of ultrasound and the other covering a specialty area specific to vascular imaging. ARDMS®-Certified Sonographers stay on the cutting edge of ultrasound technology and patient-care skills through ARDMS®- required Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs.

• “In Sonography, the image acquisition is complex and operator dependent, and it becomes the diagnostic process. The subsequent reading confirms the completeness of the examination and validates the diagnosis but generally cannot go beyond the provided images.” Harris J. Finberg, MD: “Whither (Wither?) the Ultrasound Specialist?; J Ultrasound Med 2004 Dec; 23:1543-1547 • 0278-4297

• The high quality Vascular Lab tests are more cost-effective than CT Scans and MRAs.
Arterial Duplex Ultrasound Is the Most Cost-Effective, Noninvasive Diagnostic Imaging Modality Before Treatment of Lower-Extremity Arterial Occlusive Disease. J Vasc Ultrasound, 2009

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